High Voltage Substation/High Yard

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One of IETS' strengths is in the maintenance, upgrade and repair of HV Substation/High Yard equipment.  Our past experience has prepared our engineers to test and repair a multitude of High Yard components such as OCB's, SF6 Breakers and transformers.  All of our engineers are experienced in the utility based testing procedures required on this type of equipment.

Emergency- 24/7 Service
All Switchgear Manufacturers
Custom Preventative Maintenance Programs
Shutdown/Outage Maintenance
Thermographic Inspection & Analysis
Complete Testing & Repair- Relays, Switches, Cables, Bus, Transformers, Network Protectors, Starters
Circuit Breakers & MCC's- All manufacturers
OCB Maintenance & Repair




Oil Switch Replacement

A few of years ago, IETS discovered a leaking bushing on a customer’s MV oil switch during a routine maintenance service contract. We recommended replacing the bushing connections with an OEM supplied part when the customer had time for another outage at a later date. After reviewing our report, the customer asked that we provide replacement bushings and install them so that the situation would not deteriorate. We discovered from the OEM that because of an unsafe design, the product was no longer supported. The customer decided that due to the safety concerns and the age of this oil switch (over 20 years), IETS should replace the oil switches. Our engineers were able to design a replacement that allowed the customer to use his existing silicone filled transformer, through an insulated (dry) cabling transition to an SF6 / Vacuum replacement MV switch.
This gave the customer an updated /safer design and the ability for selective switching of this substation.