Project Management


IETS can provide solutions to your power project needs.  From "greenfield" hi-yard substations to bring your plant a less expensive primary power rate alternative to new substation feasibility designs and installations for upcoming plant expansions.  IETS can provide complete turn-key projects or work with a customer's plant personnel to provide whatever level of involvement you need.

Substation Upgrades and Expansions
Customer Site Specific Project Manager/Engineers
Control and Metering Systems
Power Management Systems
Equipment Start-Up Commissioning
Up-grading Steam Turbine Governor
Cable Replacement Projects
Transformer Replacements
Commissioning Agent Projects


Site Project Engineers

IETS has Project Engineers that report directly to your site on a daily basis. This allows you to have the expertise that may not be available on site in
addition to accessing our knowledge base and testing equipment that can be supplemented (when needed) by our other engineers and technicians.

This helps create a partnership between IETS and you, the customer, which provides a sense of urgency and access that would not be available in the standard subcontracting business structure.

Assisting with Sourcing Needs

Let’s face it; everybody is busy with the day to day
pressures and there just isn’t enough time to research all the alternatives when considering an equipment purchase. That’s why several of our customers rely on us to be their high voltage electrical sourcing consultant. There are dozens of suppliers of transformers, SF6 breakers and switches, switchgear, relays, bushings, breaker parts, etc. and as in every business, there are low cost providers and higher quality alternatives. IETS works with these suppliers on a continual basis and we are happy to contract with customers to share this information and help them make the best decision for the budget they are trying to achieve. This would include investigating reconditioned / surplus equipment at a significant cost savings to our customers. In 2008 alone we sourced and installed several LV circuit breakers, substation transformers and complete LV unit substations saving the customer thousands!